Fangirl Feature – Amanda Kopet

This week’s Fangirl Feature is from Amanda Kopet

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What games/systems are you most interested in/do you collect?

Right now I play mostly Age of Sigmar, and my group has been playing a lot of Warcry in recent weeks.  I’m learning the Lord of The Rings GW game too.

Any specific armies?

I have played Sylvaneth from the start for Sigmar.  I actually am really looking at starting a new army.  Play style isn’t that big of a consideration for me, its all about what i want to paint.  I’ve toyed with some beasts of chaos, and goblins when they came out, but they haven’t really been what i’m looking for.  Hopefully with the Free Cities book I can add some elves into my Sylvaneth and maybe that will scratch the new army itch.

What aspect of the hobby are you most interested in?

I’m most interested in painting.  Over the last year I’ve graduated from army painting and I’ve been working on a lot more display pieces with competitions in mind.  

What compelled you first start or restart the hobby?

I started with board game miniatures in 2013, with folk art craft paints. I didn’t pick up anything GW until around 2015, and that’s about the time i switched over to hobby paints too.  And then over the course of the last 2 years I’ve started picking up models that are just for painting.

Do you have any future plans for your hobby?

Most of my future hobby plans now are based around competition.  I’ll be doing Golden Demon at Adepticon this year.  My semi local game store puts on the “Jersey Devil” competition in December which i’ll have some projects for.  I’ve also started taking lessons through the Miniature Monthly Patreon, so I think my biggest goals right now are just all around improvement.  

What sort of materials do you use to create your hobby? How long does it take you to complete a project?

I like Vallejo, and Scale 75 paints.  Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes.  I use a lot of supplies from the model train store near me for basing.  Time on projects really depends.  My Warcry warband will probably have around 15 hours put into them.  My Bust at NoVA this year was probably around 30 hours.

What inspires you to keep going? Do you admire any other hobbyists?

I admire a great many talented painters- Rich Gray, Andy Wardle, Aaron Lovejoy, Erik Swinson, Sam Lenz, and too many to name.  They all put out fantastic work, and I’ve taken classes with all of them and they are just really great knowledgeable people. I also really admire the people in our hobby that do so much to give back. Gorilla with a Brush runs a charity event every year donating all the proceeds to animal charities.  Hobbyvices runs a Warhammer club at the school he teaches at, The Lonely Havocs is one of the most relentlessly optimistic people you’ll ever meet and he’s constantly putting out good energy into our hobby.

What do you find most frustrating about the hobby?

I hate playing against grey plastic.  I’m a table top standard snob.

Do you have any tips for any aspiring hobbyists – beyond the usual ‘practice daily’? 

Don’t be discouraged.  The pics you see on Instagram and Putty and Paint are yes mostly amazing but they are the culmination of a ton of work and years but into the craft.  You have to start somewhere.  I think also that taking classes at conventions is one of the best things you can do to improve your painting.  Having someone point out and say “oh just do this thing a little different and then you’ll have it” is a really great tool that you won’t get no matter how many tutorials you read or Youtube videos you watch.

What is your fondest hobby memory?  

I think the best memory would be when I just got into 40k and played in a kill team event.  I played against my future fiance and i ended up beating him, but he took home best painted.  Now the rolls are pretty reversed, hes a much better player and I paint better.  But we both like to bring that up whenever it suits our arguments.

Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

I don’t know?  I make the best French Onion Soup and my dogs are the cutest! 

Many thanks to Amanda for taking the time to answer these questions for the Fangirl Feature this week.

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