Art Dump!

There has been a rather huge dip in my blogs traffic since I took the anthropomorphic artwork off the blog. I figure that’s a bad thing so I’ll be sharing it all on here again – it’s what I do when I don’t have any commissions to draw and I am not in the mood for painting miniatures; my anthropomorphic characters have been kicking about for a long time now and they’re a big part of me so just got to grin and bear it! I’ll come up with a posting schedule so that I don’t go overboard with it and still have other things to share here too.

Above is a picture of Skaejre that I have had sitting in my WIPs folder for a long, long time and a picture of Serenity for my Let’s Cyber series – where I am dressing up my characters in Cybergoth inspired outfits.

And in this gallery just a few sketches that I am working on. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do sharing them?

3 responses to “Art Dump!”

  1. Looking good Jenn, your artwork really looks amazing. While I remember, knowing how you like anthropomorphic beasties, Alternative Armies have just brought out a range of Samurai cats. It looks like my Christmas present is sorted!

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    • Thank you very much. I’m glad you like my artwork as well as my model painting.
      I’m rather fond of Badgers and Burrows anthropomorphic miniatures as well, but will certainly check out that new range, thanks for telling me about them.

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