First Date: Rambo

Date Report Card
Name of Date: John Rambo
Date Location: Paintball?
Date Activities: Shooting, mostly.
Date Pros: Very active date had a lot of fun running about shooting one another.
Date Cons: He wanted to win regardless of it only being a game and not a great conversationalist.
Second Date?: Probably not.
Date Notes: I came dressed to impress, he came dressed to kill.

I’ve not done one of my First Dates with Jenn in ages. To be honest, I’ve not drawn Jenn in a while either, it’s taken me some time to get back into her and be brave enough to upload something with her in!

As much as I love Rambo, I won’t be turning this into a permanent ship – unless someone twists my arm into it!

I’ve not drawn Jenn in a while – it shows – but I thought this would be a fun way to get back into her and get her ‘dating’ again. This is a part of a series that I’ve been doing with her over the past year or more. It’s really enjoyable and a good way to draw some fan art with my main character. Enjoy~
Please love my derpy guns as much as I do    

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