Anthropomorphic Thursday


I was able to finish off some of my anthropomorphic artworks, so thought it would be good to share them here.

I made Kestrel up recently and haven’t drawn her that much, she is a fun character and I like a lot of the elements that make her up – I’ve not quite got her ‘look’ right yet though and defaulted to my alternative/goth look here with her. I’m thinking of the Mori/Witchy sort of look with her. Something simple to offset her more complicated markings/design

I’ve also done a collaboration with Qwaychou of her, which I don’t think I ever shared here? I’m a bit lost with what has been posted where to be quite honest; I do a lot of artwork rather quickly and like to keep posts singular here, so I should schedule things up so I don’t forget to post them. Side-tracked. Sorry.

Collaboration with Qwaychou

As with all my collaborations with Qwaychou, they drew the lines and I coloured them in.

I am looking forward to developing this character some more. It’s a great deal of fun when you find a character that inspires you and you connect with – on that note I’ve recently given my ‘Fursona’ a slight redesign (changed her tail) so I am looking forward to sharing her with you all soon too. I treasure all of my characters, but there is something extra special about my ‘sona!

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