WIP Wednesday: From the Cities

Not an art related WIP update this week, but a hobby one! Cities of Sigmar came at me this Saturday; so the lizards are being put to the side – not as finished as I would have wanted but they aren’t going anywhere – and the new army has been started; it’s not much but I’d much rather order models and take this army slow rather than give myself hobby overwhelm.

Cities of Sigmar isn’t actually as complicated as I thought it was going to be; it’s the smushing together of the older, neglected armies and making them worthwhile again, if a little diminished from their origins. I’m actually really excited about this as it means that I can spread out my painting in different directions and collect a bunch of varied models and it still be a viable army. The basic concept is that you pick your Free City and have army bonuses based upon your choices – some of those bonuses being different options to fit your battleline/core units.

Theres a lot to pick from so it’s good to have this core choice narrowed down somewhat!

I’ve chosen to go for the Temptestus Eye Free City, which favours small encampments around the main city and ‘hit and run’ style tactics until the Hammer of the Army comes to Smash against the Anvil – I think I was partially drawn to this army as in the reading I was reminded a lot of the Astra Militarum in 40k which is an army that I’m already subscribed too!

As I am building the army slowly – as mjuch to avoid hobby burnout as to keep the bank happy – I’ve an older Freeguild General model which doesn’t quite fit the load-out options perfectly (He has a two handed hammer and a pistol) but with the way the rules are worded he works thematically. And rolls of a 6 that mortal wound we can play pretend that it was from his pistol not his hammer/sword! Considering who I usually play games against (Friends and family) it’s not going to be a problem.

Just need a dry day (Hahaha) so I can base spray him before painting.

To go with him, I have ordered a set of Greatswords; which are battleline models with a Freeguild general – I’ll share a picture of these when I get them!

I’ve also purchased a pack of Sisters of the Thorn – I am currently using these as my harrying/annoying models on the field until I can get myself some Pistoliers or Outriders; to be honest this was my ‘These models just look nice’ brain kicking in! I’ve been eyeing them up for the longest time (Since release, I think) and now have an army that they can fit into so I had no more excuses not to get some. I’m excited about putting them together as I already have an idea on how I am going to paint the mounts.

I was given a bunch of old Empire models by my Brother in Law, most of them will be given back to him, but there is a unit of 10 handgunners that I am going to try and spruce up a bit and bring into line with the rest of the army – they’re dated and lacking in detail but as a unit choice they’re perfect for the army idea.

First task: Change the square bases!

I’m really excited about this Battletome, having a brief look around the internet and light conversations in store there has been a bit of confusion, anger and disappointment but I’m happy that there is finally some sense of ‘normal fantasy’ to Age of Sigmar and I can see myself trying to get into Cities of Sigmar not only as a painting and army building project but as a game to play as well; I am already eyeing up Path to Glory as a means to build the army slowly as well as making up pipe-dream lists of models to purchase.

Now the hard part, figuring out a colour scheme that keeps individuality of units races and culture, but ties them all together as an army!

3 responses to “WIP Wednesday: From the Cities”

  1. You mentioned in your next post that the ankles keep breaking when you tried to take these guys off of their bases. If they were super glued on, then pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours first, and they should come off easily, and if they were glued on with proper plastic glue, then slice them off with a blade between the foot and the base. You could also use clippers to cut away the existing base and once you are down to bits around their feet, glue THAT to the round base.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot for the tip! I shall try this out with a couple of them and see how I get on.
      Thank you for commenting and your advice, I appreciate it.


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