Update from last week

These two images were shared last week in a sketch dump post – so I thought I’d share the finished results here too! The character is called Jenn and she is my ‘Fursona.’ I don’t really subscribe to the Furry Fandom all that much; as I have said more than once and even got – jokingly – second-hand offended when my sister was asked if I was a ‘Furry.’ The reason I draw them so much is because I find them a lot more fun and interesting than drawing people over and over again; I can use different colours and be “unapologetically tails” with my artwork. Jenn, the character above, was originally made in 2004 and came out of a trend of having a character named after yourself. She is as close as I will ever got to being a ‘Furry’ because I am actually pretty much terrified of Fursuits (They’re a bit like clowns, really) I have her as a dress-up doll, she gets to wear all the fun and cool stuff that I don’t feel like I could pull off!

I also finished off a couple of Rambo busts. I am rather taken by Hobo/Bearded Rambo. In the book by David Morell, Rambo is described as being a vagabond drifter and having a really scraggly beard, which isn’t really shown that well in First Blood by Stallone. Just means that us artists get to play!

As ever, here is my Patreon link should you feel like supporting me as an artist. It’s an 18+ Tip-Jar incentive.

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