Commission Busts and a Patreon Reward

A couple of bust commissions for an email client – their likeness as a Blood Angel and a Space Wolf in different marks of armour (Primaris and MK3)

And this is a Patreon Reward for Matriarch – I do a request for each of my Patrons when they sign up to my feed on there (It’s only a $1 so it doesn’t break the bank, but having the encouragement keeps me inspired) Matriarch asked for Sauron looking vexed having been given a coffee with his name spelled wrong on it. This was a great thing to be requested for as it’s something that I wouldn’t normally think of drawing, let alone pick! That’s what’s so great about these things, they give you the chance to draw something you wouldn’t normally think about.

I hope I captured the look right! And the character – not a character I am really familiar with in this guise. More… an eye…


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