Mortifactors Update

These guys were originally going to be a second home-brew Space Marine chapter; as I really like the different style of these miniatures but they don’t fit quite right into my Blood Guard home-brew; but upon reflection and research the paint scheme is far, far too similar in colour and positioning to the official Second Founding Chapter the Mortifactors, so that is what I have made them. They aren’t 100% accurate, but these are a new mark of armour for the Chapter, so let’s just go with that!

Two of these miniatures are WIPs – base coated and washed – the third is finished (Aside from the base, obviously)

I’m currently reading Warriors of Ultramar by Graham McNeill, which has really helped to inspire me to pick up Space Marines again and this chapter specifically as the Mortifactors play a role in the story. It was recommended to me by Battle Dave over on Twitter a while back and it has really helped me get some Space Marine/Warhammer 40k inspiration flowing.

I don’t intend on expanding the army beyond what was purchased in the Spadowspear boxed set; but it’s nice to paint something a bit more complicated than my usual offering of Space Marine.

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