Path to Glory – Battle one

Lord Commander Eloth and I have started a small Path to Glory campaign. My Cities of Sigmar vs his Khorne Bloodbound.

I’m using it as a means to understand both Age of Sigmar and Cities while growing my army. I am guessing Eloth is using it as a means to get his butt-kicked, but I’m not 100% certain of this motive…

The starting army lists are as follows.

Cities of Sigmar

  • Freeguild General
  • 10x Freeguild Greatswords
  • 5x Sisters of the Thorn

Khorne Bloodbound

  • Aspiring Deathbringer
  • 20x Bloodreavers
  • 8x Bloodwarriors.
    There was only 8 Bloodwarriors to match up the points between the armies closely.

I let Eloth set up the table while I read the kiddo a story and tucked him into bed as he had an idea that would make for fun narrative too – the Cities of Sigmar defending a small settlement from an invading force of Khorne mortals

4×4 table size – seeing as there were so few models.

Deployment started with Eloth placing his Bloodreavers pretty centrally – actually his whole army was pretty central and mine a little to one side; you know mostly in among the buildings that the army was supposed to be protecting. I admit, I wasn’t sure what my Sisters of the Thorn were capable of, nor how they really worked as I brought them because I like the models… probably not the best battle tactic!


I always find it interesting to view the enemy as they’ve set up – as I always find it rather intimidating staring them down from my side of the table. I wonder if they feel the same way?

Turn one Eloth moved up; as that’s pretty much all that Khorne can do! Run a bit closer to make the carnage happen quicker! My Sisters of the Thorn moved round to see if anything was in range of spells, but as it wouldn’t have been they took advantage of their extra 3″ move in the first turn for being from the Tempest Eye encampment. The rest of my army held it’s position in the town.

Turn two, unsurprisingly my Sisters of the Thorn were charged and locked in combat by the large Bloodreavers unit; I was somewhat worried as 20 Bloodreavers feels like a lot compared to five models and much to my relief they didn’t actually do much damage. I think a single wound was taken by my Sisters and the Bloodreavers took a casualty.

As you can see in my turn I managed to get my Greatswords in on the action and with the Command from my General (who didn’t make his charge roll) they really cut the Bloodreavers a new one!

Mighty pile of the dead!

That pile of 8 Bloodwarriors and Aspiring Deathbringer was looming and pretty scary, thankfully they did little damage to my Sisters and I pulled them back (retreated?) for fear of them being wiped out completely, so it was up to my Greatswords to hold the line while I sorted things out and positioned a little better.

It wasn’t much of an adjustment and honestly, my General got himself into combat and gave a helping hand to my Greatswords, taking out the vast majority of the Bloodwarriors (Using his Command skills and my command points so the Greatswords didn’t take any Bravery casualties.) When the sisters rejoined the fray it was a case of mopping up what remained.

I’m not entirely sure what went wrong for Eloth, but his Blades of Khorne didn’t seem to perform as they should. I think the most damage they did to my Sisters of the Thorn was their ‘revenge’ attacks when they died. We’re still scratching our heads if it was poor dice rolls, unfavorable tactics or if the balance at such a small point size game was to blame.

Needless to say I am rather pleased with my Cities of Sigmar army’s performance, it was a good first time around the table for them; how can I be anything bust satisfied with such high performance?

My only regret is that I’ve not got any paint on the plastic yet!

Hopefully, we can keep the forward momentum going with this hobby-streak and I’ll get to pen another game write up soon.

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