Cities of Sigmar – Update 2

I’ve made some very small steps of progress with my Cities of Sigmar army – it took me a while to sort out a paint scheme for them. Everything I touched upon ended up not looking how I imagined or too close to an ‘official’ paint scheme from both the Oldhammer ‘verse or from one of the new Age of Sigmar/Cities of Sigmar book; which I wanted to avoid. So I went back to the drawing board a couple of times to have a rethink.

Pretty much all of my armies are red so I definitely had to have that as one of the main colours in my Cities of Sigmar army too.

I wanted to have red and purple – but couldn’t figure out how to make the two colours (Red and Purple) different enough initially. Then I remembered the existence of Naggaroth Night and went for that purple option instead, as Daemonette Hide just wasn’t giving the right results. The other advantage of using Naggaroth Night is that I can wash most of the model in Nuln Oil, which honestly is my preferred way of painting pretty much anything!

The pictured model has only been base coated and washed, but my intention is to make the red brighter and the purple darker – closer to black.

These particular Cities of Sigmar models are older variations of the current range. They were given too me by my Brother-in-Law, so it’ll be good to use this unit as a bunch of lab-rats to test out a few different things – just need to get the rest of them on their round bases!