An update for my second Space Marine army, my Mortifactors. After finishing Warriors of Ultramar I was really inspired to pick these guys up again. I’ve managed to get the squad of Infiltrators based and washes – I am thinking of getting the rest of the boxed set to this level of ‘completion’ and then going back and touching them all up and finishing them off afterwards. That way at least everything will have some paint on it and I’ll feel less guilty about having grey plastic models on the shelf!

Having said that, these guys look a little patchy to me, so maybe I should finish off this unit properly before moving on!

They are some very fun and complicated looking models so they take a good while to finish compared to other models that I have painted recently – but I always enjoy a challenge like this.

For the bases I have a big box of skulls and bones to build up and while they might not offer the contrast that work well for models, they’ll work thematically for the Mortifactors (Who are obsessed with skulls!) I’ll decide on the level of finish before I think about bases though.

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