Mortifactors Librarian

I have been looking forward to and dreading painting this model both at the same time! I was pretty intimidated by him and wasn’t really sure how to get him to fit in with the rest of the Mortifactors army; they’re an official successor Chapter of the Ultramarines but there’s not been that much officially printed material involving them. I’m not entirely sure how closely they follow the Codex Astartes, so I had a bit of a brain-storm with Lord Commander Eloth and he suggested that I use my current Mortifactors paint scheme, but just use blue instead of the cream/yellow combination. Librarians traditionally wear blue power amour.

As with all the other models I have shared lately, he has only been base coated and washed; and the grey on his shoes and knees needs to be worked into a bit more to make it blue. Drakenhof Nightshade isn’t the most blue of washes – I should have remembered this from my Daemonettes! – so that’ll be something to work on in the lighter areas, but has worked rather well on the blue base coat.

I don’t know what an official Mortifactor Librarian should look like so please, don’t leap down my throat if this guy doesn’t fit the imagery of it, this is just my personal take on the Chapter.

9 responses to “Mortifactors Librarian”

  1. I think I maybe have an advantage in not knowing too much about the WH40K universe, as it means I can’t really draw comparisons with how people think things should look! So I see this figure as what’s in front of me, plain and simple and I think it’s brilliant! Really do like the camouflaged clothing mixed with the blue! Inspired, Jenn! 🙂


    • It’s great to see something and appreciate it for what it is! Thank you for the wonderful comment.
      I’m really looking forward to picking up this model again and finishing him off to a higher standard. Only one more in the set to get to this level of ‘finish’ and I think I’ll be picking up this particular model to properly finish first.


  2. Your Librarian looks great! I like how you’ve painted the camouflaged cloak.

    Because the Mortifactors are a successor of the Ultramarines, I’d imagine they’d be Codex compliant in structure of organisation. But because there’s not much information on the chapter, it’s open for interpretation on how you would like to present your collection.

    I’m currently building my Ultima founding White Scar successor chapter, the Astral Bears, who have only been mentioned in name in the supplement book. No official colour scheme or lore to build an army around, but open for interpretation.

    I could be wrong years later when GW release more lore on the chapter with an official chapter colours, but because it was open for interpretation at the start, I’d not be fussed wether my army was cannon or not.

    Keep up the fantastic work!


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