The next unit for my Mortifactors. Involving more camo.

I’m struggling a bit with my camera at the moment, I think I need to get another light out of the box when I finish them off and photograph them ‘properly’

I’ve had a blast with the camo and it was surprisingly easier than I first thought it would be. Hopefully, it’ll still show up well when I’ve layered it up.

I’ve only got one model from the Shadowspear box-set left to finish off to this level for these guys now and he (at this point) it based and half washed. Then I have to go to the sticking together stage for the remaining models. I’m intending to convert the models as I don’t like the way they are posed by default. It’s a conversion that’s been done many times before and vastly improves the models; in my humble opinion.

I’ll keep the long barrel though as I think that’s pretty badass looking! Actually, all I am really interested in doing is getting them on the base, rather than looking like they’re having a really big trump and vooshing themselves into the air! Though, conversions aren’t my biggest strength so I’m mostly worried about messing them up and/or breaking them.

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