Uthor Examplaris Codex Portrait

I’ve recently picked up working on my Space Marine Home-Brews Codex again. Thinking up all sort of heroic deeds and fun things to write about them.

But, a book without pictures (Especially a codex) would just be dull so I’ve started the long task of drawing the noteable characters and as with all things, I started off with the Chaplain Chapter Master, Uthor Exemplaris.

I thought I’d share this image with you all because it is the first of many and going to be a bit of a focus in between working on commissions and drawing the Primarchs (And painting, reading and writing! Yikes!)
I figure that the feeling of satisfaction when the Codex is done will be second to none and hopefully can get my readers here on board to really encourage me and keep me going with it!

I have a lot of Blood Guard left to paint and would like to include Photography in the finished article too. I have this wonderful vision of how the book will look in the end too and aim to get a physical thing printed as a ‘one off’ Codex.

In other news, I was presented with this image earlier this week; GallandroX has been making objective markers out of banners and the Blood Guard has had it’s place cemented in his collection.

This was a really brilliant thing to see been made and only cements my determination for the Codex!

It’s the simple things in life that make me smile and encouragement and little endorsements like this are the highest upon my list. I am eternally grateful.

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