Stealing from the Skull Throne

This is the test base for my Mortifactors Army; considering their obsession with skulls I figured this sort of a base made the most sense. I’ve not done a base like this before either, so it was fun figuring out how to do it without it just looking like I have stuck some skulls to a base (Which is exactly what I did)

This base is the smaller of the armies offerings, belonging to one of the Infiltrators. I’ll paint up the aforementioned Infiltrators to a decent standard and marry him up to his base and then we’ll see if the idea works well enough to complete the rest of the army.

7 responses to “Stealing from the Skull Throne”

    • Thanks.
      I found it quite fun and theraputic to make and as for skulls and bones, Lord COmmander Eloth has the remains of an old Tomb Kings Army and the box of Skulls from GW should be a good enough start.
      It’s not a huge army and I’ve no intention on expanding it beyond Shadowspear, so fingers crossed it’ll all be okay!

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    • The issue I’d have with castingis that they’d then all look the same.
      I think if I pace myself with the bases and finishing off the army it’ll be okay, I foud making this base pretty good fun and rather theraputhic.

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      • Hm.. you could theoretically cast up 5 or even 10 different “variations”. Even cast them up “missing” some bones and skulls so you could then vary even the cast duplicates to make them unique. Then again, if you found it more fun to just bang away at, then that sounds like a win!

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      • Love the skull base, Jenn! I just figured you were going to cast a bunch of these. I agree with Azazel, if you want them all unique then leave room to add a few extra skulls or weapons or various battlefield debris. I do the same thing with cargo loads for trucks, just moving a few crates around or painting some tarps differently can alter the entire effect.

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