Hobby Summary 2019

I’ve never jumped on this sort of bandwagon before, but upon seeing Lord Commander Eloth getting his hobby achievements for the year out on the dining room table, I was inspired to do exactly the same thing.

These are the things that I have painted/finished off this year.

I’d like to start by mentioning the Paint-a-thon, I did with Heretic Deb as this feels like it was a real hobby high-light of the year for me. Heretic Deb and I painted for 12 hours to raise money for Cancer Research and we managed to raise £570. It was a great fun day and live-streaming the event was brilliant.

The ‘Chaplain’ Stormcast on the end has been added to my new Cities of Sigmar army so I shall have to base him up in their scheme (When I have it figured out) which leads me nicely onto these guys.

These handgunner miniatures were given to me by my Brother-in-law and were the test models for my Cities of Sigmar army. Setting the basic paint-scheme of red and purple, again I need to base these but I’ve a few things I’d like to work out before I take the plunge and give the base scheme a try; I’m hoping to get a forest floor type of base for them but need to look at a few tutorials and figure a couple of things out for them – but I love how this army is progressing and the vast model range for it so expect a lot of this army in 2020!

I started painting this year with my daemon army and it’s mostly finished. I’ve a few Khorne Dogs, a second Bloodletter Unit, two more Bloodcrushers and a skull canon to paint before I can add anything more to them. It’s a victory that’s so close I can taste it; just need to push on with them and get them done!

This year I started painting ‘random models’ too. Buying a few models here and there that I just liked the look of. That I could pick up and paint as the mood took me, rather than having to think about dedicated paint schemes and larger armies. I urge any hobbyist to do this, as it’s very liberating! I’ve a few random models in my hobby to-do list at the moment and I’m looking forward to painting each of them. Another random model I finished was for a miniature swap – this models is no longer in my hands as it was sent to it;s new owner in time for the deadline (Sadly, I am yet to receive a model in return, so I cannot share an image of the swap properly)

I was inspired by Azazels Neglected Model challenge to pick up and finish off my Lizardmen army – I started Lizards for Oldhammer and didn’t really enjoy seeing them in Age of Sigmar, so finishing them off was a purely nostalgic thing. It was great being able to paint some bigger models and the sense of achievement I have with them now is epic! I’ve only a few smaller models to finish off (A couple of heroes and three terradons) My aim was to finish them all off before Cities of Sigmar was released and I painted a lot of my Lizardmen up in the month or so leading up to the Cities of Sigmar release. As well as these three large models and the hero, I finished off/based most of the large and skirmish units.

Unfortunately, I did precious little to my Home-Brew Space Marine Chapter the Blood Guard this year – other than a single Captain and a Librarian (Neither of which are based as I’m in a similar position with my Cities of Sigmar army with them; their bases need addressing) I’d like to pick the Blood Guard up again in 2020 and get a lot more of them painted and finished off – too many base coated red models with no work done on them are making me feel guilty!

I did however, paint a lot of other Space Marines this year. My Shadowspear Mortifactors. I am the most proud of these models and their bases and I think they signify a ‘level up’ in my miniature collection. They’re some very fine models but I am most proud of their bases as I made them out of a box of Citadel skulls and some old Tomb King bits.

2019 was a bit of an odd year, hobby wise. I felt very spread thin. I was hobbying, drawing, writing, parenting, etc. And while I look back on this post, I don’t feel like I have painting and finished nearly enough to be happy, I then recall that I’ve finished over 70 bust commissions ontop of drawing my own artwork (and other commissions) so it’s no wonder that my hobby fell behind a bit!

My goals for 2020 are to finish off some of my part-started collections (before I add too them). My daemons are so close to being finished, for example. As well as some of the random models I have brought. (I have a pin-up commissar for my Astra Militarum that I am really excited about painting!) As things stand at the moment, I am thinking of cutting down on the drawing – I’ve not been enjoying it as I once did – and being more productive on the hobby front instead. I’ve also got the book reviewing blog which I am enjoying so I’d like to keep that going in 2020. Also putting in the pledge to be more active in the hobby community on here; commenting more on others blogs, etc. I’m excited about the prospect of the New Year.

I was brought this painting handle for Christmas – I really like the GW painting handles, they help a lot – so I was thrilled that I’d be able to paint even faster with this red one! (Also helps cause more than half my armies are red!)

12 responses to “Hobby Summary 2019”

    • Thanks a lot. It’s been an accomplishment and I am proud of myself, can’t deny that. I think everyone pushes themselves to think they ‘could have done more’ but that’s half the fun (And leaves something to achieve next year too)

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  1. Looks like a very productive year, at least by my standards! I think my favorites are your daemons, such wonderful colors on them! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with the Cities army this year.

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    • Thank you. I’m rather pleased with my progress from last year.

      I’ve been working on finishing off what Daemons I have this year so far, finished a Bloodcrusher and started on the Skullcanon so far, so be on the look out.

      I’ll then move over to the Cities and see what I can do with them.

      Thanks for commenting.


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