Pin-up Commissar

Some time last year I brought myself this fantastic Pin-up model by Anvil Industries – they make some great character models and I’ve never been a huge fan of GW Commissar models so when this guy graced my presence I just knew I had to paint him up for my Astra Militarum… somehow, he just fits with the craziness of the rest of my Guardsmen. My Aris 412th Guardsmen are a mostly finished army that I add to as and when I feel like it. They were originally purchased to ally with Lord Commander Eloths Space Wolves when we were able to frequent the local gaming club together.

For him to be the first finished model of 2020 feels so… fittingly TragicFangirl!

I am really going to try and push myself to be more productive within the hobby this year. Mostly by painting and finishing more models and really getting to grips with my cutting down my backlog and finishing off some of my armies as they are (So I don’t buy more and just get overwhelmed) but I think a lot of hobbyists say this at the beginning of the year, so we’ll see how it goes.

At the tail end of last year I had the idea of videoing my models on a turntable and showing them off that way. This morning I tried to take such a video of this model and… it didn’t go quite according to plan. Mostly, because I am used to photography where you can change the orientation of the camera for better results and video doesn’t work in quite the same way! I’ve attached the video at the end of the post regardless as a means to record my improvement.

All that remains to be said is Happy New Year and I hope that you all make 2020 what you want it to be.

6 responses to “Pin-up Commissar”

  1. Wow, that was a quick opening to the hobby year! He looks great. I like the painterly, yet well defined look a lot. I’m having a bit of hard time seeing what’s going on with the base though.. Maybe a lighter base to complement the darker urban scheme?


    • Thanks again for the wonderful comment.

      I’m not trying to make excuses here, honest. Thebase for this guy was to tied him in with my current Astra Militarum models, which are a fair few years old now and I’ve no intention of adding to them in the future so having one model on a different base would make the army look somewhat odd. But I see your point and again, thank you.


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