Bloodcrushing and Skullcanoning

I have some WIPs to share today! A Bloodcrusher and a Skullcanon. I started the Bloodcrusher I started few months ago before my hobby attentions changes, and put the layering paints on at the turn of the New Year. All that remains is to base it and it’ll be up to a similar standard as my other Bloodcrusher. But I am holding off on doing the base until I have finished the last remaining Bloodcrusher and the Skullcanon.

The Skullcanon has been base coated and washed so next time I get painting I shall fill in the wash gaps that I missed (Whoops) and put some layers on. I was really worried about painting this miniature as it’s one of the larger, more intimidating ones I currently have in the painting pile so I hope I can pull it off nicely.

No video today as these aren’t finished models and I’d like to reserve that ‘trick’ for finished off models only.

8 responses to “Bloodcrushing and Skullcanoning”

  1. Looking good so far – I’d forgotten how gribbly and weird those skullcannons are (you’ve certainly got further with yours than I have with mine, despite staring at the damn thing for the last five years or so it remains stubbornly unpainted…). I know that feeling of intimidation with the bigger kits all too well but press on, the feeling of achievement when you get it finished is well worth it 🙂


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