Blood Guard: A Vindicator! — Black Hand Marines

First Commission of the year and it’s a tank! I really love painting tanks now that I have my head around how to do battle damage. I relished the opportunity to try some in a different colour. I love the colour red, and have been enjoying painting the Blood Angels, so when I was asked […]

Blood Guard: A Vindicator! — Black Hand Marines

I’ve not anything of my own to share today (I am so close with my various Bloodletter offerings though) but I do have something to reblog!

I commissioned Heretic Deb to paint one of my many Blood Guard Vindicators – I have four of these things so thought it would be good to get a bit of variation between them – and going by the photographs I am not disappointed.

I am over the moon with how it’s looking, the battle damage and dirt is just sublime! I can’t wait to see it in person and display it proudly on the shelf with my other Blood Guard models.

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