Crushing the Blood

This week, I have managed to finish off the last two Bloodcrushers – the other one was painted ages ago – but I’d base coated these two a while back and figured I wanted to get them done before picking up something else.

I’m over the moon with how they came out as they’re rather chunky models. My experiences with bigger models is limited so I suffer from ‘big model intimidation.’ Getting these done feels like a weight off my shoulders!

I’ve not got much left to paint in this army now. Another unit of Bloodletters and five Khorne Dogs that I have no idea how to paint. Not sure if using the red paint scheme for these Bloodletters will translate to the dogs. But I won’t know until I find out.

Some of the photography in the coming weeks/months might be a bit ‘funky’ as I have had to dig out the DSLR. I lent my little compact camera to my Dad for his holidays. I’ll try my best to get re-acquainted with the Nikon, but I remember having lighting issues with it before and I’d prefer something quick and simple

15 responses to “Crushing the Blood”

  1. They look great! I don’t see why that scheme wouldn’t transfer to the doggos as well.

    I think the bases could be improved though. The stones look like they’re not really a part of the model.. I recommend glueing them in before using basing paste, and to paint them.

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    • I’ve had a (simple) idea that mighttransfer well to the doggos, but look slightly different too. I’m intending on giving it a try once my current models on the table are finished.

      Thanks a lot for the comment on my bases – I see what you mean and shall try and improve on them for the next ones. Bases are certainly my weakest point in painting (In my opinion) so all and any pointers, tips and thoughts on them are more than welcome. Thank you.


  2. I like the variation and dry brushing you did. Combined with the washes and such it gives them an interesting look that I think would translate well to the tabletop as well.

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