And I thought the Bloodcrushers were intimidating models! Yikes, this was a biggie!!

I really enjoyed painting this one though, once the base coats were on it was pretty simple to paint. I think the hardest part sometimes is blocking in the colours and getting a good mental image of what you’d want the model to look like at the end. I am satisfied that it looks creepy enough. Also I find some of the red difficult to look at in places, but I think that works for a daemonic entity!

I’m going to leave the daemons to rest now while I work on some of the other armies that don’t have enough paint on them and are dragging the quality of the display cabinets down. (*cough* Cities of Sigmar *cough*)
These guys have been great to work on and have been wonderful to get me back into the swing of things in 2020. Time to get ‘serious.’

6 responses to “Skullcanon”

  1. And the Wrath grows! Nice skull cannon. It should help you in what I hope is your ongoing quest to drink the fear and tears of the weaklings who oppose you and are either stupid or falsely indoctrinated to think that there is any meaning to life other than bloody war and wanting something other than more bloody war!

    The same comments I made before on your other miniatures applies here too I think. A worthy addition to your forces. Who doesn’t like artillery that eats people?

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    • This is a great comment, again my thanks!
      I feel so vapid with not having much to say other than expressing my gratitude!

      I’m hoping to get to play a few games with the Skullcanon in it soon. It seems like such a fun model to throw at people!

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      • Yes, it does look fun. I love the description about cannon, how it eats people, the philosophy behind the ammunition and so forth. Plus it is a great looking model.

        I wouldn’t expect an effusive response from a Lady of Khorne. A curt but grudging nod of respect from one warrior to another (and no hellsword or chainaxe to the face … this time) is really about the best outcome I was looking for.

        Blood for the Blood God! 🙂


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