Commission: Last Bust

This is a bust commission for AstarMoc over on Twitter. It’s the first and last one I am intending on doing this year. I did a lot of these last year and they were great fun to do and I enjoyed the challenge each one posed.

But, I have come to realize that drawing and art doesn’t hold the spark for me that it once did. The enjoyment I once had in it is well and truly gone. After most pieces that I draw I find myself angry, upset and/or frustrated with what I create. It’s not art-block. I’ve worked through that before. It’s something more than that. It’s the realization that I wasn’t drawing because it brought my joy anymore, it’s due to habit. I’ve been drawing for 16+ years now (I only know this cause I’ve had my DeviantArt account that long and that’s where I started) and over time my enjoyment of it has become less and less. So I think it’s time to put the pencils down and move on, see what else I can do that might bring me a bit more happiness.

The support I have had for my art on here and on twitter has been mindblowing! And I am grateful to every, single person that has asked me to draw for them. It’s been an honour.

What this does mean is that I can spend more time on a hobby that I enjoy and finally turn my blog to that properly. In the coming days/weeks I’ll sort out my categories, links, menus, etc and make this place a bit more hobby-blog orientated.

In conclusion. Drawing. It’s been fun, but I would like to do things that are more… funner!

7 responses to “Commission: Last Bust”

    • Thanks for the encouraging comment.
      I admit the comments to this news have been far more positive than I expected and I am grateful for that!
      It gives me more time for enjoyable hobby things that’s for sure.

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