I treated myself to some sketching time recently – I don’t know what possessed me to give drawing one last try, but I am glad that I did. I guess going back to my original artistic roots helped and has re-inspired me all over again.

I don’t know where drawing will take me – not down the commission route yet, that’s for sure – but I intend to have a bit of fun with it and see what comes out. I wasn’t sure if I should put the artwork up here on this blog or if I should try and carve out a new space for it, for the time being, I’ll share it on here, give it some time and see how I feel about it in a few weeks.

Time is limited – but drawing is my heart. My greatest enjoyment and my passion – to quit, would just be wrong.

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  1. posts like these makes me want to start sharing my poetry again… I haven written anything good in years and the poems back then were so edgy… I kinda relate in a way as to the feelings you are going through regarding your art work. I say keep on sharing… If some one comments that is ugly they might get a visit from me… As you have a lot of talent.

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