It’s all getting a bit Sci-Fi in here

I found an absolute gem of a bad idea the other day while searching google. It was a synopsis of Rambo 5 and it was all Sci-Fi – a bit like Predator is.

I need this film in my life!

Because I’ve been playing No Mans Sky and watched Guardians of the Galaxy the other night, I am on a bit of a Sci-Fi high right now and needed to make Sci-Fi Rambo a thing!

So, I got my designing cap on and made Rambo a Sci-Fi outfit. I wanted something that was a big Sci-Fi, but not too over the top (That’ll come soon) and was still obviously Rambo. I hope I got the blend okay! 

I’m going to play around with this idea a lot and maybe take the Sci-Fi look to some extremes; my art has always been about having some fun and it’s really nice to be able to be a bit self-indulgent.

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