Soggy Doggies

Not the most inspiring of images I know, but today I managed to get a bit of hobby-time in and started on my Flesh Hounds.

All I’ve done with them so far is based and washed them – which is why they are a little soggy in the photograph.

For their paint scheme I’ve inverted the Bloodletters. I’m not sure when I’ll get to putting the layers on them as I’d really like to get cracking with my Cities of Sigmar army, but the Flesh Hounds were staring at me in the cabinet as they are one of the last units in the army to be painted. They’ll be based up the same as the rest of my daemons – dry/desert bases – when I get round to it.

I have a bit of time set aside tomorrow morning for hobbystuffs, so might try and do some more work on my handgunners or might try and start on my greatswords; depends which one catches my eye the most.

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