[WIP] Demigryph Knight

I fancied a bit of a change from my Chaos Daemons and to jump back onto my Cities of Sigmar army in the form of my Demigryph Knights.

This is just one of them and his hand has fallen off so I need to get that base coated and stuck on too, but just wanted to share a bit of hobby progress with this particular army.

The Demigryph Knights are beautiful models and I wanted to make them a bit brighter and more colourful compared to the rest of the army – but stick mostly to Red and Purple as an army colour. This is just base coated and washed (Apart from the helmet)

I’m going to vary the Gryphons a bit as well to make the unit a bit more interesting – both from a painting and viewing point of view. I’ll try my best to get this finished up and shared soon.

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