Anthropomorphic Update

I realize that I’ve not been updating as much as I have previously – not for any particular reason other than the feeling that I’ve not had anything overly relevant to say. A lot of the focus of this blog has turned towards the Warhammer/Wargaming side of my interests – and I then get concerned that what I am really interested in will just put some readers off.

But, at the end of the day, you follow my blog, you’re going to be introduced to different elements of my interests.

Lately, I have been working really hard on moving on from my old ‘pin-up’ style of art and produce something a bit more meaningful. Personal artwork is the bread and butter of what us artists do. After a bit of self reflection I’ve decided to lay my old ‘Fursona’ to rest. She represents the person that I was in my early-mid twenties and I’d been clinging to her for the sake of nostalgia.

I’ve mentioned the character Skaejre, on my blog a few times in the past and have recently decided that she’ll be taking the place as my main character. She is a lot more detailed and mature than Jenn and I feel like I am finally ready to embrace her and her story properly. With the help of a friend a good amount of work has taken place already – it’s exciting and also quite liberating.

I used to have a vast stable of characters which I have very harshly trimmed down to a mere handful and I am looking forward to using them to weave wonderful tales – instead of just drawing them for the sake of it as pin-ups; don’t get me wrong, I still have a few characters set aside for this purpose alone – but it’ll be fun collaborating with aforementioned friend and seeing where all this leads.

Expect a few updates along these lines over the next few weeks or so, as I’ve neglected the blog and drawn a fair amount in the time between this picture (Feb 23rd) and now.

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