A quick refresh

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m changing my main character from Jenn to Skaejre. This means that I needed to put in a bit more work in designing Skaejre and making her visual signature a bit more comfortable to recreate – I’ve been drawing Jenn for so long that drawing her has become second nature.

The idea behind Skaejre is that she is much more earthy and organic then Jenn, and I’m aiming to show this in her style of clothing and in the applied markings on her face – which is what is on display here.

I am trying to work on a ‘final outcome’ for this project. I know it’s not a comic or a story, but I would like to push towards a final goal, which is something that has lacked in previous offerings of my personal work. Maybe something as ‘simple’ as an art-book? I did have thoughts before of using it for a concept art project for a something bigger – you know like you get movie or video-game art books that accompany their larger projects. Something physical that I can be proud of, but this is early stages (yet again) and I don’t want to dream too big and scare myself off of a mammoth undertaking!

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