Nothing links these models

I managed to get round to photographing some of my finished models properly today, so figured I’d share them on here. It’s a very satisfying feeling getting a model finished and stored away on their army shelves and getting another step closer to being ‘finished’ with the army – makes me feel a lot less guilty about adding another model to the painting pile!

This model was started way back in 2011 as a part of my original Necromunda gang and thanks to Heretic Debs daily challenges I picked him up and got him all finished off – it’s about time! He is made up of a mixture of Cadian, Empire and Bretonnian bits that we had kicking about at the time, so he’s somewhat old and the kit-bash is certainly showing it’s age but ticking something off the ‘list’ is always satisfying, especially when it’s this old.

The second of Heretic Debs challenges was to pick up a larger model and the Ironclad Dreadnought that I’ve had on the shelf since forever fit the bill nicely. Another mode that I am actually glad to have finished off. Like the Rambo model above, I’ve been had my Blood Guard Chapter for a long time and it’s always satisfying to get some work done on them. It feels like another step closer to them being finished off too. I’ll have to have a look and see what inspires me with them as for some reason I am in a bit of a painting slump with my Space Marines.

And a WIP

I don’t have much at all to do on my Chaos Daemon army. These ten Bloodletters and a nice model that I was brought for my birthday that I’ve not even stuck together yet – but will do as soon as I’ve finished off these Bloodletters as I do rather enjoy painting this army; it’s bright and colourful compared to my Space Marine and Imperial Guard army – which is something that I have come to enjoy lately.

I added another little gallery at the end here to show alternative backgrounds.

8 responses to “Nothing links these models”

  1. Really like that Ironclad.i wanted to build and paint one fir my son’s Dark Angels, but since I worship the Holy Book, and the DA codex doesn’t have Ironclads in it, I passed. Seeing yours so nicely painted, ight get one and just paint it up for fun. Curses!


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