Commission: DeathbyEdvin

I was recently tagged in a conversation on Twitter about my busts – DeathbyEdvin was asking where other Emperors Spears players got theirs from – and there seemed to be some disappointment expressed when it says on my profile I am closed for commissions (Which I am in any official capacity.) That coupled with the fact that I’ve been looking for something to get me back into the swing of drawing again I buckled under the peer pressure and told Edvin to DM me and wow am I glad I did.

Drawing a bust again was so much fun and Edvin was great to work with – their input and ideas were great to hear and they were a pleasure to work with. That and I have a weakness for Emperors Spears – but no intention of starting up a 3rd Space Marine army – so it’s nice to be able to do something with a Spear in some way.

So, hopefully, this art-piece will be the first of many and I’ll get back into the swing of drawing and sketching daily again. As well as keeping on top of miniature painting and book reviews!

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