SC Trailblazer – Teaser Post

Heretic Deb and I are working on a creative project together and we’re both really excited about it, I can tell you! I said to her the other day that I felt like I needed a creative project to get my teeth into and these sketches are just the start of what we’re cooking up.

It’s a Science-Fiction/Lost Space-ship setting in which we’re making up a whole host of characters to draw, write about and generally make their lives miserable – it’s what we do best.

We have a blog set up for it here: SC Trailblazer and while it’s pretty bare bones in terms of content we’re working really hard on getting out ideas up and running. There will be stories, artworks, animations and all sorts of wonderfully creative stuff for the project which will adapt and grow as our ideas see fruition. I know it’ll be a labour of love for us both and hopefully will be the project and welcome distraction from these… strange times.

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