Some new WIPs and something I found funny

I’ve been a bit lax here the past few days/weeks – I think people can understand why; life has taken a hectic turn. Keeping up with everything hobby related and blogging has been a bit more difficult. Juggling personal stuff and home-life had always been a task in itself and adding in a four-year-old into the mix has left me somewhat frazzled. That and adding a new personal project on-top was probably a bit silly!

Still, I managed to get another couple of models started last night. Much to my relief. I’ve been reading Devastation of Baal and it’s put me in a bit of a Space Marine mood. (My thoughts on Devastation of Baal will be on the Eternal Bookcase when I’ve finished)

As per normal I’ve only base coated and washed these models so the main colours are blocked in ready for layering up next time I pick them up – but my models do tend to stay in this state for a while before being worked on again!

It was nice to be able to pick up my Blood Guard again as it’s been a while since I worked on them. The Stern looking dude was brought for me – along with another – for a Wedding present nearly 6 years ago and aside from being sprayed red I’d not done anything with him. Whoops. It’s high time I worked on this army with a bit more dedication; so I’ll try my best to keep going with them seeing as I’ve got a lot of them in the base sprayed stage.

I saw this when I woke up this morning and found it rather funny.

Iron Halo Sun Protection!

In more personal news I am hoping to start a new fitness regime. I’ve realised that I am horrendously unfit and quite honestly it’s embarrassing. I’m ashamed of myself and how I look and how unfit I am and would really like to change this aspect of myself. Under normal circumstances I’d attempt to join a gym, but they’re all closed due to Covid-19 (Understandable) so will have to do something at home instead. I bit the bullet and purchased a fitness program last night as was going to start when the husband walked the dog – I’d already been out with the dog for my daily exercise allowance – but alas, doggo didn’t get walked and we painted instead. I’ll try and start on it as soon as I get some minutes to myself and I might try and make a record of it here somehow – it might motivate me somehow – or scare me off completely, not sure.

8 responses to “Some new WIPs and something I found funny”

  1. Redmarines look very nice so far, and good on you as far as the fitness goes. We’ve been doing it since the start of last year and it’s been a huge life-changer in a lot of ways. Less hobby time in the short term, but (hopefully) a longer lifespan, so it’s worth it! 🙂

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    • Thanks a lot for the hobby comments and for the fitness encouragement.
      Glad to hear that you’ve changed your life for the better. I’m figuring it’s going to be small steps and fitting it as/when I can and seeing how it goes before I dive in to deep and it takes over, but we shall see. I’m pretty enthusiastic/excited over it and if it helps, it’ll be worth it.

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      • Welcome on both! It’s all small steps, admittedly – it takes awhile to see or feel any changes in yourself since everything is so gradual (from fat loss to muscle building to cardio endurance to resistence ability, but then you can see it taking effect over the months, and others can certainly see it as well. Having a random male workmate comment on my arms out of the blue, or (non-sexual) compliments from female workmates all took me by surprise. So yeah, as long as you can keep at it, it’ll definitely be worth it! 🙂


  2. The Marines are shaping up nicely Jenn, and good luck with the fitness drive. My advice is to set clear goals & be realistic. ‘Get fitter’ isn’t that specific, and is unlikely to be beneficial, while having something specific like ‘get to 10 full press-ups’ or ‘run 5k non-stop’ makes it far more likely that you’ll achieve it.

    I missed the gym terribly for the first week & moped around the place feeling sorry for myself. It took a while to recalibrate, but now I have settled into a new routine using rocks as weights in the garden – the neighbours think I’m nuts, but fuck them 🙂

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    • Thanks a lot for the hobby compliments.

      I’ve enrolled in a fitness program called Figure 8 so my main goals at the moment are to follow that and see how it goes following the daily videos and schedule it has mapped out. Then when this Covid-19 pandemic lifts I’ll consider joining a gym and go from there; maybe at that point I won’t feel to embarassed about myself and fitness levels to put myself out there.

      Thank you for your advice though, I really do appreciate it! I imagine using rocks in the garden is a new thing to many gym-users!

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