Just some art things

I’ve not shared much of my personal art in a while – I fell of the wagon with it for a while due to time constraints and not being in the right place mentally – but I think I am getting back on board with things and thought I’d share some of the work that I’d done before my little break as well as the ones finished more recently.

The above pictures is a collaboration with Zoel NoOne on dA. We were doing some world building together. Some of which you can read about here. This picture was going to be the start of Faith (The fox) learning some sort of magics under the guidance of Skaejre and Torquemada. Not really sure what’s going on with this project now, but it’s probably my fault that enthusiasm has died. I don’t know, I’m feeling really out of the loop and stagnated I guess.

Erm…. Happy Easter? I don’t think I posted this one either. Another collaboration between myself, Qwaychou, Zoel NoOne and Mystrial. It was meant to go out on Easter (Obviously)

And a picture of my own – it’s been a while since I drew Jenn. At one point – about the time I picked up the world-building and collaborations with Zoel NoOne – I dropped using Jenn, mostly because she didn’t fit the ‘real’ me anymore and I felt like I had moved on, but you know some things can’t be changed and while she and I are no longer alike, I still like what she represents to me. The fun-loving, party-person I was in my 20’s. Sure, I’ve moved on, but she does the pin-up, fun stuff well. So why not keep her about to enjoy for what she is?

Besides, I think it’s time for me to embrace my strengths – pin-up/character/outfit stuff and run with it. Can’t hurt! I have no intention of pushing myself or my characters ‘world’s’ anymore. It just results in me getting burned out and not enjoying things.

That’s not to say I am stopping the work on SC Trailblazer as that project is so much fun and I’m really invested in it. Just when the mood to anthro takes me I know what I’m able to produce and be happy with.

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