Let’s get snakey!

This is a collaboration between myself and my co-conspirator ZoelNoOne. Their character Faith has been going through a lot of changes lately and turning into the Hellhound version of herself, Certainty (At least to my understanding) and as a means of encouragement I thought I’d sketch them up for Zoel. They asked to turn it into a collaboration and who am I to deny such demands!? I lined it up and they coloured and finished her off.

These are a couple of sketches from the past week – the start of a trade for CattStarr on DevArt.

And a while ago I designed a load of silk-style outfits for my main female characters and then did absolutely nothing with them. So to correct an error of this magnitude I sketched up Kizmit in the outfit that I made up for her.

And a quick drawing of Vee. It’s nice to have a few more additions to my already overflowing WIPs folder!

At the moment, time is hard to come by. My son isn’t at nursery and as such I am not getting as much time to work on things as I once did. As such it’s a constant decision on what to do with the time that I do have available. I had the revelation yesterday that my warhammer/wargaming/miniature painting it my hobby but drawing is what has given my life some sort of meaning. So, for the time being the hobby will be on the back-burner. I’m not ‘quitting’ the hobby or anything drastic like that but it might not be shared as much on the blog as it has been in the past – this has been a bit of a trend over the past few weeks anyway, but I don’t ever want to see this blog space die s it’ll be more artwork, sketches, collabs like this post and previous ones just because of the choice that I’ve had to make in regards to time.

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