Something finished and some sketches

I finished off a skeetch that I shared the other day. My character Kizmit in her slave/gorean style silks outfit. Black has always been Kizmitscolour of choice and I know that this isn’t an ‘official’ colour of slave-girl silks from the novels – at least, not that I am awareof, I’ve never actually read the books. I should because I find them fascinating and I have copies of them on my laptop. Putting them on my Kobo and reviewing them on the Eternal Bookcase might be quite fun! I know they are somewhat dated and have very 60’s points of view in them!

I’ve been trying to keep strong in my art game so that generally means drawing what I feel like drawing! It’s enjoyable and keeps me occupied while focusing on something – I don’t know why but anthropomorphic art has been a source of happiness for me since 2003 and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Having somewhere to put it and share it has been a large part of that enjoyment and got the most part I have used DeviantArt for it and have had a decent following for it. Recently DeviantArt enforced some changes to their website and as such a fair amount of users have moved on. I’ll always use the site as I am now a part of the furniture, but I have noticed a sharp drop in views and favourites on my artwork on there. It’s a shame, but it is what it is. If nothing else it’s encouraging me to post and share on here more.

And above is a plothora of sketches that I managed to crank out one day – be on the look out for some of these being finished off soon.

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