Phantasy Star Online

This post is a bit of a blast from the past – in more ways than one – more akin to the posts of yesteryear when the term Fangirl applied a bit more and because I am going to talk about a game that I used to play a long time ago with my former boyfriend Stuart.

We played Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast where it originated from until the small hours of the morning, cursing when we heard the birds starting their morning chorus thinking we should get some sleep cause it was either a school night or we had to go to work the weekend shift.

Yet, we pour hours and hours into this game. Taking it in turns. One played while the other watched and then we’d swap over. I remember Stuarts first character was a ranger (Guns and stuff) called Eos – named after the camera make I believe – and mine was called Kaede, a hunter (Melee swords & daggers) You can see Kaede in the picture above with her ‘guild’ after defeating the games final boss, Dark Falz. Dark Syphid, pictured above, was played by someone I had the great pleasure to meet in real life due to this game but the ways of teenage years we’ve since lost touch due to drama partially caused by one of my other friends and partially due to teenage hormones – but I won’t go into that as it’s not the point of the post.

The reason I am bringing up PSO now is because I recalled that the Wii – which we’ve been playing a fair bit with the kiddo – can play Gamecube games. Of which one of them is PSO v.2. So while my husband has been using the laptop to play Northgard, I’ve been having a trip down memory lane.

Fighting bosses and working my way through caves – of which I still feel a sense of ‘got to get through these to get to the good stuff.’ It’s actually nice to relax in the afternoon and evening playing something that I am so familiar with – especially when the PC is in use and I’m not able to do any computer work on my art. Although I am no longer playing Kaede; she has since retired. I am currently playing as a Hunter class robot called Shodan (I don’t have any dodgy photos of her yet, sorry!) She is easy to play as so I am tempted to go into the depths of depravity and play as a Force class soon – they are the mages of the setting.

I recall them being a lot trickier to play that the Hunter and Ranger classes, so it might be worth giving one a try should I get fed up of playing as Shodan, but seeing as I’m just picking this up again for a laugh while Lord Commander Eloth uses the PC who knows how far I’ll actually get with it!

I’ve ordered a couple of other games for the Gamecube as well. Namely Eternal Darkness, a game that I recall being rather good for it’s time. We will have to see how well it’s aged!

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  1. We never got gamecube in South Africa, we have always been Playstation people. I recently fot red dead redemption on the PS3, been keeping my company during this covid time. Great post. I always love learning about other consolesand games we never got to see

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    • I was a die-hard PSX user until it sadly got out-classed.
      I still play some of the old games from it on my PS2 from time to time.

      I’ve always been a fan of console gaming, but have slipped in recent years (I blame growing up, mostly.) It’s nice to be able to dip my hand in ever now and again.

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      • Gaming has been part of my everyday life since I was a kid. Recently been doing a lot of mobile gaming. I am close to finishing the deathwatch game, but might be a while still as my team i now have seem to die too easily


      • Same here. I got into it when I was about 14 and played Dead or Alive – the fighting game – in the arcade and brought the PSX with my paper-round money.

        Prior to that it was gaming on the Amiga 500, playing point and click adventures (Monkey Island) during family time.

        Gaming means a lot to me and I love it as a means of story-telling and bringing the family together – maybe that’s why I never got into handheld and mobile gaming as much, it’s harder to huddle round a mobile screen!


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