My restless soul is longing

Another picture in the Gorean Silk series that I’m working my way through.

While uploading this I had a bit of a thought, while I adore the silks, I wonder if I should draw my characters in Fantasy/Dungeons and Dragons style outfits? Really try and change the direction of my anthropomorphic artwork. Mature a bit from the Glamfur/Cybergoth/Goth look that a lot of them have and refer back too? I’ve already started on that direction with Torquemada who looks like some sort of Cleric/Warlock – it might be fun to explore some of my other characters and see what I can come up with for them – there will be some exceptions/characters that don’t fit. Jenn might be tricky to draw in any way other than her Goth inspired outfits, but it’ll be fun to try.

I’ll do some planning a bit later and see what I can think up! Of course there will be some repeats as I have a bit of a ‘boat’ load of characters, but there are enough sub-classes to explore. I can always dip-into other RPG books as well (Witch Hunter, anyone!?) and just do some generic fantasy style stuff.

Either way, anything that adds another layer to my artwork can only be a good thing. I like experimenting with characters and outfit styles the most. Let’s have some fun!?

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