A gift to add on to your pain and suffering

A collaboration between myself and ZoelNoOne

Ever since I drew Torquemada flaunting his flesh a few months back this image, this reconfiguration of him, has been stuck in my head. The Goddess that he worships is none-to-fond on banal pleasures of the flesh, so when she caught onto the fact her High-Bailiff was debasing himself to such a degree, she changed him for the better, taking a good portion of his rented flesh back from him – he can earn it back if he so wishes.

Notes on Serpentis: The general belief is that she rents skin out to the living, so all flesh belongs to her.
When her bailiffs return her flesh to her from the living she rents it to, she feasts upon it, but because she is partially skeletal she has no internal organs so whatever she consumes falls all around her in a mound, with which she lives.

2 responses to “A gift to add on to your pain and suffering”

    • Thanks a lot, Pete.
      Sometimes, I like to remember that I was once a huge fan of horror and let it inform the direction of my artwork.

      Thanks for commenting


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