WIP – Devon Archer/Ranger

Please excuse the photograph quality, used my little camera for this rather than dig out the monster of a scanner!

I’ve embarked on the fantasy series for my main characters, starting with Devon as an Archer/Ranger type class.

I figured I rarely share my rough sketches on here and would like to start forming good habits with opening up about the sort of artwork I do, I mean, I am hardly ashamed when it comes to sharing the finished results, so why not show the works in progress too?

I am a good way through figuring out some classes for my characters now, which is good. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to work my way through my mains as I get the feeling this body of work might feel a bit more relevant to a lot of my followers on here (And I’ll enjoy the challenge too)

Part of the idea behind this is a recently restarted my Art Station account and would like to use it for more illustrative works of which there are so few. So filling it up with some more work will take time and I think these two ideas could work nicely together.

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