Devon: DnD Archer Class.

As an experimental piece, I am rather pleased with it. I tried a few different things with this.

Back lighting was the first thing I tried out. I’ve never done this with the cell shading style that I’ve adopted in recent years.

Background/Foregrounds are one of my real weaknesses and I really need to put a lot more effort in trying them out, so it was a real challenge to get it this one looking how I imagined it and if I really am going to try doing more full illustrations like this then I am going to have put ore work in thumbnail sketches, something I’ve not done since university!!

I am taking a lot of positives away from this piece as a learning curve and pushing myself into trying something a bit ‘different.’ but I still have a lot of room for improvement too, which is always a good thing.

Either way, hopefully I’ll be able to pull off more artworks like this in the future.

I normally name images after the song that’s playing while I draw, but Achy-Breaky Heart doesn’t see to fit the bill!

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