My good friend and collaborator, ZoelNoOne recently opened up their personal species, Badgernukis, to friends. I have been a bit lost and searching for some direction when it comes to art (again) and leapt at the chance to find some sort sense of belonging. Thus, Hope was rekindled in me that my art isn’t as dead as I thought it was. Hope was reborn in a new direction and character and Hope was born.

Each Badgernuki has a scent associated with them and Hopes is Vanilla – because I’d like the character to have a bit of a deeper and personal connection to myself and my Nan brought me some Body Shop perfume that smells like vanilla before she passed away – I thought this would be a great starting point, as I use this simple perfume most days.

Hopes colour scheme is based on the Long-Tailed-Tit. A regular visitor to my outdoor bird feeder that always brings a little bit of excitement; they’re a bit harder to come across than the usual sparrow visitor. I’d like to draw a version of Hope with wings at some point, just to show the influence more, but I don’t think they’d be fun or comfortable to draw all the time, so they’ll come and go as and when I feel like drawing them! Keep things fun and interesting.

I want to talk a bit about gender. I’ve not fixed Hopes gender in any specific direction yet. I don’t want them to be exceptionally ‘Gender Special’ either. As a Cis-Het female, I think making them anything other than female would feel wrong to me, but I don’t want Hope to be seen as a pin-up character either as my artwork usually goes in that direction. I have more than enough other characters for that aspect of artwork when the mood takes me and would like Hope to remain somewhat wholesome. What I’m really saying here is few them as any way you wish too, I am not 100% against sexier art with them, but it’s not going to be my main focus right now as I feel like they have more to give than eye-candy!

Hope is probably a bit more aloof than other Badgernukis, they’ve not found their soul-mate yet but remain… hopeful! Hope is very out-doorsy, loves the garden and wildlife. Has a lot of fun weeding their garden and chasing others around with ‘Sticky-Weed’ Likes growing fruit and while she doesn’t mind, there is always an element of disappointment when the blackbirds eat all her strawberries!

I aim to have a lot of fun with this character and her badgernuki friends~
I hope you like them as much as I do.

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