Some artsy WIPs

I’ve been trying to get back into the art game the past couple of days. It’s been a bit elusive due to lock down and my head thinking that I wanted to do something else. I clearly don’t as I keep coming back to art and drawing imaginary animal people! I am currently working on a picture of Hope and Torquemada – as I think these are two characters that I can bring together in all sorts of fun ways!

The innocent and the untrustworthy

I enjoy the direction in which Hope is going and how she contrasts with the darkness of Torquemada. It’s be a great theme to play with in the coming weeks and months, that’s for sure.

Here’s a sketch of Hope enjoying her gardening. I’d like to finish this one up as well at some point, she is a really wholesome character and it’s nice to have something like that to play with too. It feels good to be working on my art again after what feels like such a long time off.

I am currently looking to replace my graphics tablet (and my MacBook Pro) as both of them are pretty old now. My MacBook is from mid 2012 as for my graphics tablet, I have no idea. But it’s scratched and a bit dodgy, a bit like my MacBook!

I shall be opening up commissions again when my son starts school in September, but my prices has increased slightly – the staple of my commissions, Busts, have increased to £15 a piece, so they are still very affordable. I think they’ll still be my ‘most drawn commission’ type, so be on the look out for them soon!

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