Can’t go wrong with an Ultramarine

It feels like it’s been an absolute age since I drew one of these! This Ultramarine is for Stuart Weavers in return for their kind donation on my Ko-Fi account.

It was great to be able to do some Warhammer based artwork again. As I said, it feels like it has been an age since I drew a Space Marine bust.

It’s my aim to be able to take these as commissions again when the kiddo starts school in September – only a month away! Doesn’t feel possible, its all come around so soon and yet, feels like it has been forever too.

Anyway, it really was good to be able to draw something Wargaming Hobby related again and I am already working on the next piece – the next in the Primarchs series. If you’re interested in seeing it as a work in progress, then please, head over and subscribe to my Patreon feed where a preview is landing soon.

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