Ace of Base?

I couldn’t help but notice in my recent update post that my Primaris Captain still hadn’t had his base finished. I didn’t want to resort to just painting it grey and sticking some rocks on it and pretending it was an urban landscape. So I read a tutorial by GrimBases and gave it a try. It’s not 100% following the tutorial but the basics are taken from it.

Stick cork on a base, dry brush it and put some more ‘stuff’ on it for added effect!

In this case the ‘stuff’ was the rocks that I’ve always stuck on my Space Marine bases a little bit of green flock – anyone that owns a driveway knows that weeds grow anywhere – and some dead grass.

I don’t think I’ll use the dead grass again as I don’t think it adds anything to the composition and I’ll see if I can invest in a bit of thicker cork for added effect.
However, compared to the previous bases, this feels like a marked improvement.

9 responses to “Ace of Base?”

  1. It looks good. A little cracked pavement versus random rubble.

    I don’t always use the same grass on each skirmish forces. I use grass or flowers to differentiate units easily. Sometimes its numbers of clumps. 1 clump is 1st squad, 2 clumps is 2nd squad, green grass or dead grass or white flowers. Each unit has the same whatever. The only unifying thing is the base material. Sand or rock or coarse turf (woodland Scenics) goes down first then whatever squad/unit shrubbery.

    Of course, you only need this tactic if you have issues like I do and armies expand way beyond what you need to play a game. Normal people don’t have 10 sqauds when only 3 are used!

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    • I like the idea of different things on bases for the units, that’s a great idea.
      I’ve recently had a bit of a purge of older models that don’t inspire me anymore or are really, really old and the painting of them doesn’t reflect my current skills. Prior to that I have enough models for a battle company, so I can certainly relate to having more models than “required”!

      Thank you for the comment and compliment.

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