Badgernukis are a species created by ZoelNoOne, I have kindly been offered and accepted a place amongst their ranks – as Hope who I have drawn a few times before – but I thought I would offer the hand of friendship towards the other honoured owners and sketch up a few busts. Here they are!

Candi, belonging to BattyBunni, is a mean character, your typical internet troll, doing nasty things for the sake of it and rubbing it in your face when you get wound up! She’s fun to draw snarky expressions on.

Vani, belongs to Catt, she is a tech-fan and loves playing video games.

Hope, this one is mine, she is an outdoors-y type that loves wholesome things. You’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the weeks and months to come!

These were all simple images to produce, but a lot of fun seeing the variations on the Badernuki species. I’ll hopefully be doing more with them in the future as they’re a lot of fun. There are two more that I’ve not drawn this round and they are the original two, Bandit and Honey-Pie, who belong to ZoelNoOne.

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