I am Angry

This is a collaboration between myself and ZoelNoOne. We both had something that triggered an anger response in us and, as always, turned to artwork to help us work these feelings out.

His character Certainty was offered up for a collaborative effort and here are the results. It’s a bit of a rare occasion this one as it was my turn to colour up some lines, whereas we usually work the other way around.

Certainty is a Devilfox/Hellhound with snakes for hair! A very unique design and I greatly enjoy seeing the artwork that ZoelNoOne works on and commissions of her. Working on her was a great pleasure and offered a bit of spoke for artistic licence too – the colour of the snakes can be picked from a vast array of critters. Personally, I like coral snakes and think they’re very pretty whilst also saying “Danger Noodle, do not touch!” That’s assuming that I did my research corrently and they are not, in fact, milk snakes, in which case the message is “Not so dangerous noodle, hah, fooled you!”

Regardless, I hope that you like our collaboration and I look forward to sharing more art with you soon.

2 responses to “I am Angry”

  1. Very cool – definitely looks nice and angry! Regarding the snakes I always remember it as “Red and black? Venom lack. Red and yellow? Kill a fellow!” (so the coral snake, which is venomous, has red stripes next to yellow, whereas the milk snake – not to be confused with the milkshake as I just typo’d – has red stripes next to black). Not that there are many coral or milk snakes in Scotland to begin with but if they decide to invade I’ll be prepared! 😉


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