What will I become?

This is Eren for ZoelNoOne

There was a lot of behind the scenes discussion that went along with this picture. A lot of talking about what sort of character Eren is as well as has been. What’s going to become of them now and in their future. Eren is a part of ZoelNoOnes long standing canon & life story and I don’t really feel it’s my place to give up all the details, so I’ll just say that Eren is on the precipice of change!
For me, it was a chance to flex my artistic muscles again and create something loaded with meaning while getting to grips with some funky new hardware!

The artwork came about purely because of my Patreon page, which ZoelNoOne has subscribed too and got this as a reward – although it’s a little above and beyond what I normally offer as a Patreon reward. I feel like I could get away with it as they’re the first subscriber and a good friend to boot.

There is imagery in this that might feel a little ‘loaded’ with political discussion. I think the Transgender topic is fascinating in a lot of respects and gender politics have certainly in discussion increased in recent years. Eren is a part of that culture and the complications that arise through being a part of it (in one way or another)
It was great to be able to use my artistic muscles to represent something more than just ‘pin-ups’ and I am happy to report that ZoelNoOne was thrilled with the results.

Eren belongs to ZoelNoOne
My Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/TragicFangirl

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