Bitter Betrayal

Oh gosh, is that a Kizmit!?

I’ve been working on her and her story lately.
Kizmit has finally realised that she will never get someone up to her standards that can own her in a total power exchange relationship and it’s shattered her world. Needless to say, she is upset about it and is taking her time to come to terms with this level of betrayal. No one would ever be good enough for her to fully submit too. She has put so much time, love and effort into this notion of a relationship. It’s not for her. It’ll take time for her to adjust.

This is a collaboration between myself and ZoelNoOne

I provided the lines and they did the rest of the hard work!

I didn’t expect to pick Kizmit back up again but I feel really powered with her at the moment so expect to see more of her soon.

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