You cannot afford this girl

I only have a few sketches remaining from my WIP ‘stash’ and once these ones are done I think I’ll take a small break from the anthropomorphic work as it’s been taking over a bit the past few days/weeks. I like to try and keep things in balance and at the moment they’re a little skewed towards the anthropomorphic artwork. It’s been nice to draw it all up and get myself a little more involved with my anthro characters again and ‘sort them out’ in a way that makes sense.

But, it can’t all be one way.

So, I’ll be attempting to resurrect some of my Warhammer characters and giving them some love and attention too. See what journeys I can embark on with them – as well as some more Primarchs, fan art, illustrations, commissions and the likes.

This doesn’t mean that I am dropping the anthropomorphic art, I’ll never quit with it, but just restoring a bit of balance again.

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