I drew the sketch for this a while ago. I’ve been itching to do something Warhammer related in the ways of art for few days but had no sketches on my laptop. But after some digging I found this one and with a lack of anything else to finish off, figured it was worth a shot!

As an RP group we’ve not played any Dark Heresy in some time – which is pretty criminal in itself – so I’ve not been able to do anything new with Nihilius since my previous post. I’ll ask about picking it up again when we switch games but even then I doubt it’ll be this guy I get to play as. (Making new characters is a lot of fun, despite my attachment to this character.)

Anyway, I hope I get the chance to create more hobby/warhammer related artwork soon and keep the flow of this going because I do enjoy it the most!

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    • Thank you very much for the comment.
      I’ve sadly not played Dark Heresy in a while, but am going to try and do some arm twisted so that our RP group can dig it out again.
      It’s a great game~


      • Son was home from a mission for our church due to covid and we had LOTS of time. So we started playing as a family. My first time DMing. My first real rpg play in about 30 years.
        Hopefully you twist away and get into the darkness of the 41st Millennium!


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